Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are wildly popular in both Hollywood and all over the world. Everyone has suffered a bad hair cut or style.

We love the opportunity to repair unflattering hair styles, add length and body to short or flat hair, or just add colour highlights by using hair extensions.

Hair extensions aren’t just suited to your everyday wear. If you are planning a party and want to make an entrane or how about making it even more fun and really go all out for a dramatic entrance when the theme is fancy dress. Hair extensions can transform any good fancy dress costume into a very convincing one! Take a look here for some fancy dress ideas that would work really well with hair extensions!

Choose the Right Hair Extensions

hair extensionsThere are a few important key things to consider when shopping for hair extensions. Comfort and safety are very important. Some people find the beads used in Micro Link Hair Extensions rubbing against their scalp to be very uncomfortable, while other people have allergies to adhesive products making pre-bonded hair extensions unsafe. Look for hair extensions that can be removed and then re-used. This makes the process much cheaper and also provides a more natural appearance because the hair extensions don’t change.

Hair extensions are fun and exciting, and offer easy access to a new style without waiting for natural hair to grow. They can be long lasting and worth the time and cost, just make sure you follow all the instructions given by your stylist and required maintenance. Keep the extensions properly washed and brushed. Just like natural hair, all extensions get dirty and oily due to the proximity to the scalp. Gently dry the extensions to prevent shredding. Leave in conditioner is also recommended to keep the hair extensions from drying out.