Problems With Hair Extensions

Problems with hair extensions can be as annoying as problems with your natural hair, frizziness, overstyling, colour disasters and more. Although hair extensions can be a quick fix in most cases and are relatively easy to attach, there are one or two things you need to avoid when you first experiment with them.

Buying Hair Extensions That Are Too Heavy For Your Hair

When applying and wearing hair extensions, avoid wearing pieces that are heavier than your hair. When your hair extensions are heavier than your natural hair, your natural hair is likely to become damaged and start to break. Look out for extensions in different thicknesses and pick one that fits your hair type. Be particularly careful if you heat style your natural hair on a regular basis or if your hair is prone to breakage.


Buying Hair Extensions That Don’t Match Your Natural Hair

Unless you are really trying to make a statement, avoid hair extensions that aren’t your natural hair colour. Finding the perfect colour hair extension is important- if your extensions are a different colour than your natural hair, the difference between fake and real will be very obvious.

Overstyling Your Hair Extensions

Overstyling your hair extensions is another thing to avoid as it can cause damage to them and shorten their lifespan – particularly so with the synthetic heat friendly extensions. Just like real hair, if you straighten or use hot hair styling accessories often, it will cause breakage and splitting. The same thing applies to dying your hair extensions; bleaches and other colours create damage. Your extensions may become frizzy, dry, and subsequently hard to style.