How To Style Hair Extensions

The beauty of hair extensions is that you can fix hair problems, change your style or give yourself some highlights. That means that choosing the right hair extensions can follow a few variables.

Length of Hair Extensionsstyle hair extensions

One of the main reasons to use hair extensions, is to add length to your hair. If you would like to add length to your hair go for something that looks natural and doesn’t weigh down the hair. Hair extensions often come in different measured lengths such as 14, 15, 18, 20, 24, and 26 inches.

Straight & Curly Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be bought both straight and curly. There are curly hair extensions that offer tighter curls for those who have curly hair and don’t want to style their extensions, and there are wavy extensions that offer loose waves.

Ponytail Hair Extensions & Streaks

Not only do hair extensions come straight, wavy, or curly, they also come in the style of ponytails or streaks. Ponytail extensions are pieces that can be placed into the area of your head where you would form a ponytail. This can help you thicken a ponytail or even create a ponytail if your hair is too short to do it naturally. Ponytail hair extensions can come straight, curly, and in a variety of colours.
style hair extensions

Hair Extension Colours

Hair extensions come in a variety of colours with different levels of highlights in hair extensions that make it easy to blend into your natural hair. Extensions come in both light and dark shades of each hair colour. Some of the colours include light blonde, medium blonde, dark brown, light brown, black, natural red, and much more.

Not only do they come in these colours, which are the most basic natural hair colours, they come in colours that stand out such as bright red, pink, purple, and turquoise. There are also extensions that come dip-dyed that provide the look of ombré hair. They are a certain hair colour at the top and the ends are lighter or a different colour to look as though they are dipped (this is where they get the name). The dip-dye hair extensions can come in a variety of different colours.