Which Type of Hair Extensions Should I Buy?

Which type of hair extensions should I buy is a common question, so it’s important to know what is out there. Hair extensions come in five major types, and each have their own pros and cons depending on what you are looking for. Hair extensions are made from two big yet different categories. There are some that are made from real human hair, others are synthetic hair.

The human hair category is the most popular, the look and feel blends seamlessly with the wearers natural hair and can be curled or straightened just as one would do with their own hair. Human hair extensions are generally more expensive than synthetic hair extensions, but you get what you pay for. Human hair extensions are made from human hair; they offer a natural look and feel. They come in a variety of hair colours to match your natural hair and can be coloured, styled, and washed like the hair on your head.

Synthetic hair extensions are made from fin plastic fibres and can be just as good as human hair, but often can be found in a wider variety of colours and styles as well as costing much less. Often times they are sturdy enough to be styled with heat just like natural hair, but make sure you buy the heat friendly type. It is imperative that their care and maintenance instructions be followed to prevent damage and they cannot be recoloured.

Synthetic extensions are not recommended for daily washing, for those who must wash their natural hair daily, consider extensions made from natural human hair. If you’re looking to achieve longer or thicker hair with extensions but don’t want to make a big commitment, synthetic hair extensions are a good method to go with.

So, when you find yourself asking which type of hair extensions should I buy, then make sure you know about all of the different types of hair extensions out there.

Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip in extensions are temporary and versatile. They can be applied or removed in just minutes and don’t require a trip to the salon. They are available in different lengths, colours and hair types, making them the easiest and most accessible type.


Tape Hair Extensions

These are easy extensions that can be applied at home. They are quick and easy – pre-taped extensions are sandwiched on either side of natural hair. The results look very natural but are more temporary.
which type of hair extensions should I buy

Weave Hair Extensions

Weave hair extensions are more permanent and require a visit to a salon to have them put in. A section of the natural hair is braided into what is called a corn row and wefts of hair, the actual extensions, are then sewn into the corn row. These are more permanent because they are not easily removed and regular trips to the salon are required to maintain them as the natural hair grows out and the braids loosen.

Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

Pre-bonded hair extensions are also more permanent. Hair extension strands are pre-bonded with keratin or a plant or petroleum based adhesive. The bonds are softened with a machine and then glued to natural hair. These extensions offer a very natural look, but generally need to be applied by a professional and maintained regularly. The process is similar to Micro Link Extensions, instead of glue, these loop the extension through the natural hair and are then clamped on with a metal bead. These need regular maintenance and also require a professional to apply them.